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Kowalstwo Artystyczne Łódź, Warszawa
wersja polska kowalstwa artystycznegowersja angielska kowalstwa artystycznego

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Łódź, ul. Brzezińska 38

Forged furniture

As a blacksmith and the owner of an artistic blacksmith workshop, I offer wrought furniture made in the Art Nouveau style, decorated by hand and finished with great precision.

The range includes the following forged furniture: forged benches with glass tops, glass tops, decorative benches, copper tables, forged tables with wooden tops, smaller forged tables, standing hangers, artistic tables for sewing machines, artistic hangers for walls, upholstered stools and forged stools.

We encourage you to read the price list of our services and to visit the headquarters of our studio in Lodz.

Ława kuta ze szklanym blatem
1. A forged bench with a glass top
Ława kuta ze szklanym blatem
2. A forged bench with a glass top
Ława ozdobna
3. Decorative bench
Blat szklany ławy ozdobnej
4. Glass top of a decorative bench
Stolik kuty z drewnianym blatem
5. Forged table with a wooden top
Stolik miedziowany
6. Copper-plated table
Ława kuta Gaja
7. Gaja forged bench
Stoliczek ze szklanym blatem
8. Small table with a glass top
Stolik kuty ze szklanym blatem
9. Forged table with a glass top
Stoliczek miedziowany
10. Copper-plated table
Stolik z podstawy maszyny do szycia
11. Coffee table with the base of the sewing machine
Wieszak stojący
12. Standing hanger
Łazienka-stolik pod umywalke
13. Bathroom - table under the washbasin
Wieszak kuty z półką
14. Forged hanger with a shelf
Stolik na kwiaty
15. Flower table
Półka na buty
16. Shelf for shoes
Wieszak ozdobny
17. Decorative hanger
Wieszak bez półki
Hanger without a shelf
18. Hanger
Stolik srebrzony
19. Silver-plated table
Taboret kuty
20. Forged stool
Taboret tapicerowany
21. Upholstered stool
Taboret tapicerowany
22. Upholstered stool
Taboret tapicerowany
23. Fireplace door
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