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Handrails and handrails for balustrades

The process of creating internal and external balustrades in our artistic blacksmith workshop is long and requires precision and focus. To make our clients fully satisfied with our products, we undertake cooperation with other companies and carpentry workshops.

Paszkowycz Company

balustrada kuta z drewnianymi poręczami

Krzysztof Paszkowycz's carpentry factory, which has existed for many years, provides carpentry services reliably and at the highest level. The products are created from natural material - domestic and exotic wood. Most often it is ash wood, which due to its flexibility, allows you to create stairs and bent handrails.

The Paszkowycz carpentry workshop closely cooperates with our artistic blacksmith workshop, creating handrails for balustrades, invitations (initial elements of balustrades), as well as bent balustrade railings.

The effects of cooperation are particularly visible when assembling the balustrade. To make our product perfect, technically perfect and high-quality, we join forces and together with the carpentry workshop create an elegant, unique balustrade with bent handrails and wooden elements.

Snycerz Workshop

balustrada kuta z drewnianymi poręczami

Woodcarving is the art of artistic carving in wood. Zbigniew Bereźnicki's Workshop “Snycerz” is one of the few in Poland where he deals with this extraordinary occupation.

Our Iron-Art blacksmith workshop cooperates with the woodcarving workshop, creating beautiful balustrades with unusual handrails and handrails, artistically carved in wood of various species.

Handrails and handrails for balustrades are made, among others, in the Renaissance style, grotesque and even nature themes. These are extremely interesting projects that fit into the style of our wrought iron railings.

Carved ornaments at the ends of the handrails of balustrades, complement our works, adding originality to them.

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