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Interior designe - forged items

Our team working in the artistic blacksmith workshop offers interior design elements.

In the assortment of our store you will find decorative wrought iron sconces, artistically decorated saber racks, wrought iron chandeliers, decorative pantry doors, decorative wrought mirror frames, wrought iron decorative elements such as roses, wrought iron shelves with hangers, wrought iron decorative elements with lilies, wrought candlesticks.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the products of artistic blacksmithing offered on our website and to familiarize yourself with the prices of individual products.

Kinkiet ozdobny kuty
1. Decorative forged wall lamp
Stojak na szable
2. Saber stand
Świecznik ozdobny wiszący
3. Decorative hanging candlestick
Ozdobne drzwi do spiżarki
4. Decorative pantry door
Ozdobna kuta rama lustra
5. Decorative forged mirror frame
Półka kuta z wieszakiem
6. Forged shelf with a hanger
Róża kuta
7. Forged rose
Żyrandol kuty
8. Forged chandelier
Ozdobne drzwiczki
9. Decorative door
Wieszak stojący
10. Standing hanger
Żyrandol kuty
11. Forged chandelier
Element kuty-winorośl
12. Forged element - vine
Element kuty-winorośl
13. Forged element - vine
Kinkiet z liliami
14. Wall lamp with lilies
Element kuty-lilie i gałązki
15. Forged element - lilies and twigs
Świecznik kuty
16. Forged candlestick
Świecznik ozdobny kuty
17. Decorative forged candlestick
Ozdobna kuta rama lustra
18. Decorative forged mirror frame
Ozdobna kuta rama lustra
19. Decorative forged mirror frame
Wystrój kuty-róże
20. Forged iron decor - roses
Róża kuta
21. Forged rose
Róża ozdobna kuta do powieszenia na ścianę
22. Forged lilies
Wieszak ozdobny z półką
23. Decorative hanger with a shelf
Ozdoba kuta
24. Forged wall lamp
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