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balustrada kuta wewnętrzna
1. Forged inner balustrade
Schody - kuta barierka antresoli
2. Stairs - forged railing
Balustrada kuta
3. Secession
Balustrada patynowana
4. Art Nouveau project
Balustrada kuta
5. Modern forged balustrade
Balustrada schodowa
6. Artistic balustrade
Balustrada secesyjna z giętą poręczą
7. Art Nouveau balustrade with a bent handrail
Poręcz rzeźbiona
8. Carved handrail
Dekor kuty jako element balustrady
9. Forged decor
Balustrada drewniano-metalowa
10. Decoration: flowers, leaves
Balustrada kuta wewnętrzna
11. Silver-plated decor
Balustrada kuta wewnętrzna
12. Forged inner balustrade
Secesyjny element balustrady
13. Art Nouveau element
Balustrada patynowana
14. Style: Art Nouveau
Balustrada kuta patynowa
15. Wrought iron balustrade
Balustrada schodowa kuta
16. Forged stair railing
Kwiaty kute
17. Forged flowers
Artystyczna balustrada schodowa
18. Artistic stair railing
Zdobienie artystyczne balustrady
19. Silver-plated artistic decoration
Balustrada kuta gięta
20. Forged bent balustrade
Artystyczne wykończenie balustrady
21. Artistic finish: silver
Zdobienie balustrady patynowej
22. Silver decoration with semi-precious stone
Balustrada artystyczna gięta
23. Artistic balustrade
Detal kuty
24. Forged detail
Pochwyt do balustrady kuty
25. Handrail
Balustrada schodowa
26. Stair balustrade
Balustrada kuta z secesyjną kratą
27. Modern balustrade with an Art Nouveau grille
Kwiaty i liście kute na balustradzie
28. Forged flowers and leaves
Krata secesyjna
29. Art Nouveau lattice
Balustrada kuta do schodów prostych
30. Forged balustrade for straight stairs
Element secesyjny balustrady
31. Art Nouveau element of the balustrade
Balustrada schodowa gięta
32. Bent stair railing
Barierka z balustradą giętą
33. Railing with a bent balustrade
Balustrada kuta z poręczą drewnianą
34. Forged balustrade with a wooden handrail
Barierki balustradowe wewnętrzne
35. Modern balustrade
Balustrada kuta wewnętrzna gięta
36. Forged internal bent balustrade
Schody z barierką artystyczną
37. Staircase with an artistic balustrade
Balustrada na schodach giętych
38. Railing on curved stairs
Poręcz rzeźbiona na balustradzie kutej
39. Carved handrail
Balustrada kuta patynowana
40. Patinated forged balustrade
Balustrada kuta patynowna
41. Metal balustrade
Element artystyczny balustrady patynowe
42. Ornament
Balustrada kuta nowoczesna
43. Modern forged balustrade
Schody - kwiaty kute na balustradzie
44. Stairs - flowers forged on the balustrade
Kuta balustrada schodowa
45. Stairs - forged balustrade
Klasyczna balustrada kuta
46. Classic forged balustrade
Balustrada kuta
47. Forged balustrade
Balustrada kuta schodowa
48. Forged stair balustrade
Balustrada kuta schodowa
49. Forged stair balustrade
Balustrada kuta schodowa
50. Forged stair balustrade
Poręcz z elementem kutym
51. Handrail with forged element
Poręcz z elementem kutym
52. Balustrade with a carved handrail

Individual approach – own choice

We offer forged railings made according to your design. We also have a catalog with different examples of the products to choose from. The waiting time for an internal railing design varies from 1 to 3 business days. We can also make railings that match the interior visually, if you are unsure which one to choose.

Lead time

All our projects are made individually, so the waiting time for the finished product may vary for depending on the order. It all depends on how complex the project is. In the case of simple balustrades, the lead time is from 1 to 2 weeks, however a more advanced and ambitious project can take up to 6 months.

Materials which we use

Our balustrades are made mostly of forged steel. It is possible to combine other non-ferrous metals, such as brass, copper, silver and acid. All our products are sandblasted and painted with a special paint to protect them against corrosion.

Internal railings-price list

All types of railings are made for the specific order which was placed. There are three price categories for internal balustrades:

We assemble and attach products made by us to stairs - our service is complete, from design up to installation.

Measurement of balustrades

We make measurements manually at the place where the balustrade is to be located. The exception is when the customer provides us with a technical drawing of the object.

Product Warranty

We provide warranty for all our artistic smithery products. For internal balustrades, we provide a 2 to 6 years warranty depending on the price.

Safety function

We are aware of the fact that in addition to the aesthetic function, wrought iron railings must also be safe and durable. We are able to combine both functions, thanks to our many years of experience in creating artistic metalwork and blacksmithing. Our projects are solid and safe, and at the same time stylish and elegant.

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